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Between and , Apple produced the titanium PowerBook G4; between and , the aluminum models were produced. Both models were hailed for their modern design, long battery life, and processing power. When the aluminum PowerBook G4s were first released in January , inch and inch models were introduced first, while the inch model retained the titanium body until September , when a new aluminum inch PowerBook was released. The aluminum inch model also includes a FireWire port, which had been included with the inch model since its debut nine months earlier.

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The G4 was among the first laptops to use a screen with a widescreen aspect ratio. It also featured a front-mounted slot-loading optical drive. The orientation of the Apple logo on the computer's lid was switched so that it would "read" correctly to onlookers when the computer was in use.

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The hinges on the Titanium PowerBook display are notorious for breaking under typical use. Usually the hinge which is shaped like an L will break just to the left of where it attaches to the lower case on the right hinge, and just to the right on the left hinge where the right hinge is on the right side of the computer when the optical drive is facing the user. At least one aftermarket manufacturer began producing sturdier replacement hinges [6] to address this problem, though actually performing the repair is difficult as the display bezel is glued together.

In addition some discolouration, bubbling or peeling of paint on the outer bezel occurred, notably around the area where the palm would rest while using the trackpad. This appeared on early models but not on later Titanium PowerBooks. The video cable is routed around the left-side hinge. This will cause the cable to weaken under heavy usage. Many owners have reported display problems such as random lines or a jumbled screen, although few have replaced just the video cable to successfully resolve this problem. There is also a backlight cable that might fail; one option is to replace either or both cables before replacing LCDs.

In Apple introduced a new line of PowerBook G4s with 12, 15, and inch screens and aluminum cases prompting the new moniker "AlBook". The 15" titanium model was still available until September 16, , when the Aluminum model replaced it. Notably, the 12" model brought a welcome return to the Apple subnotebook configuration, conspicuously lacking in their product line since the discontinuation of the PowerBook in The most obvious change was the use of aluminum, not titanium, to manufacture the body.

The keyboard, which was originally black, was changed to match the color of the body. Additionally, the aluminum keyboard was backlit on the 17" model and on one of the 15" models. This was the first case of keyboard internal backlighting seen on a notebook computer.

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The design was considered [ by whom? The external design of Apple's professional laptops continued to remain similar to the aluminum PowerBook G4 until the Spotlight on Notebooks event on October 14, Some owners have experienced failure of the lower memory slot on some of the 15" models, with the typical repair being the replacement of the logic board. Apple had started a Repair Extension Program concerning the issue, [9] but it has been noted that some models displaying the issue have not been included.

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Apple previously had a Repair Extension Program to fix the "white spot" issue on its 15" PowerBook displays. There has also been a rash of reports concerning sudden and pervasive sleeping of 1. One cause is the ambient light sensing, [12] and associated instruction set coding, with possible keyboard backlight and sleep light issues accompanying the so-called "narcolepsy".

Another cause is the trackpad area heat sensor; system logs report "Power Management received emergency overtemp signal. Going to sleep. To correct this, service groups will often replace the logic board or power converter, but the actual fix depending on the model for the first cause is to replace or remove the left or right ambient light sensors; and for the second cause, disconnect, remove, or replace the heat sensor, or the entire top case which holds the trackpad heat sensor.

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Alternatively, there are reports which detail success in removing certain sensor kernel extensions or rebuilding the kernel using the Darwin Open Source project after commenting out the relevant sleepSystem call; permanent resolution of the sleep issue in this manner is little documented. The 1. Initial reports pointed to this only being a problem with type M 17" PowerBooks introduced in Q2 , but then this problem was also seen in displays replaced by Apple Service Providers in this period e. After many months of usage, the displays may show permanently shining lines of various colors stretching vertically across the LCD.

Often this will start with one-pixel-wide vertical lines being "stuck" in an "always-on" mode. Various sites have been set up documenting this issue. Apple has removed the recall from its website, but it is possible to get a new one by calling them. One major factor that led to the discontinuation of the PowerBook G4 was Apple's internal experimentation with the PowerPC G5 for the company's next line professional-grade notebooks at that time.

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The G5 powered Apple's Power Mac G5 and iMac G5 computers but proved to be too power-hungry and heat-intensive to use in a notebook form factor. After awaiting a new professional-grade notebook to replace the G4, on January 10, , Apple released the 15" MacBook Pro , its first Intel-based notebook. However, a replacement for the 12" subnotebook form factor i.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Timeline of Macintosh models. Pretty sure I stopped paying for upgrades after snow leopard. There is still life for your old Macs yet. Still on Kept getting error msgs. Gave up. I have too many convenient apps that I like to upgrade and there is nothing I need in the newer OSs. Just log in to your developer account. As a developer, I run Snow Leopard on one partition and Yosemite on another.

I only use Yosemite for development and testing. Snow Leopard is my daily OS. The problem w older systems is a computer will not install system software older than it was produced. One must use Virtual Ware on a new machine or use an old machine. Is it true No more updates for Snow Leopard beyond Just install Firefox and Thunderbird for you browser and email clients. Thank you sir. I just told a woman the same thing today. Glad it was validated by seeing your comment. Gmail and Youtube are telling people their Snow Leopard version of Safari is outdated.

I also think people are screwing up their Safari by downloading the Safari update through the quick links the Youtube page provides to update your browser. I downloaded and installed the You just have to trawl through a lot of pages to find it, but there was no need for me to be a developer to get it. If you install from a disc made from You have to download and install first the I found this out recently reviving a PowerBook G4 with a replacement hard drive. Leopard retail DVD I have. Neither Software Update nor my Ah the perks of being a developer.

Snow Leopard was such a great release and so stable. This makes me want to try it again on a much newer Mac, perhaps it would play well on new hardware, anyone try this? Apple appears to have pulled this—I have memberships in both Mac and iOS developer programs and these are not available to me. Which is really too bad because I do need Just go to the site then try downloading. Hello, I can confirm this works. I was just able to start downloading HTH, David.

Trying to find a No joy at Apple store nor Apple. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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