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With the latest version of High Sierra Sims 3 will not longer work even with this amended code. Are there any other ideas you have as otherwise I may have to buy a new laptop! My kids moved on to Sims 4, despite not liking it at first. Email Address. Yes, please. The Robservatory Robservations on everything…. Rob Griffiths. Feb 4 ' After much scouring of the internet, I found the solution and tweeted about it: My daughter's fave game, Sims 3, was getting stuck on the loading screen in Sierra. In that menu, select Show Package Contents. A new window opens with only one item: the folder Contents Within that folder there is a file info.

Use that program to open the file. Note: not the one just above it with CedegaGameDir!


The next line should end The next time you start the game, it should begin straight away with the EA and Maxis logos. Many thanks :. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Find Something Search for:. Subscribe Subscribe and you'll receive an email when a new post appears here no spam! My Tweets. Mine does the same thing as well. All I do is quit the game, pop the disk out, put it back in, and restart the game.

Sometimes it takes a try or two, but it works. Not a complete fix, but at least you'll get to play. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Sims3 Mac Disk Auth, a bit late Sims 3. A bit late on this, but whatever. I've tried all the work arounds I've read about: resetting the PRAM deleting the Cache folders repairing my computers disk permissions You can do this by cut and paste the file in here. The Mods folder can be found here:. You can create more sub folders in these ones if needed.

This will be easier to find the right mod if you ever want to delete one.

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If you want to remove Mods or Custom Content from The Sims 4 you need to delete the files from your Mods folder or place them in a different folder outside of the mod folder. When you open The Sims 4 for the first time, this map will automatically be generated. I accidentally removed the Resource.

The Sims 3 - No CD Tutorial (Incase loss of CD)

How can I get it back? If you open The Sims 4 it will be automatically generated and the file will be placed back into the Mods folder. BPI files can be directly installed in the Tray Folder. The field are opening up in folders so does that mean that they are already unzipped?

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  5. Crazy question I know. I have a Mac but all the videos are pc so it is kinda confusing to me if you could help that would be great.

    Hope this helps! Ive tried to put them in the same folder as my other ones but that didnt work i tried puting them in thier own folder but it still wont work please help. Hi, I think you have to extract the RAR file using an unzipping software that supports RAR files and then put the extracted file s into the Mods folder.

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    5. I found out the. Open the. When you have seen what the exact script path is make a folder in the Mods folder with that exact name. The game will automatically regenerate a mods folder with a. I download mods and did all the things from the instruction, I start the game over but only 1 mods hair showed and the rest didnt show.

      Says please insert disc but disc is in?

      Please Help! I download , for example, an hair and place it in the mods folder. When I do that, the game crashes and it apeers an error. I searched about how to solve that error and the way is to delete the folder The Sims 4 ,which is in the documents. When I go play the game, a new folder will create itself, without my cc.

      Re: Sims 3 downloaded and installed on Mac, but it says 'No disc found, please

      What do I do? Hi, you need to reinstall the mod. If the error occurs again, the mod is broken. The game says the cc I have is installed and in and shows the cc menu when i start the game, but the cc does not appear in-game. Help please? This is so frustrating, can anyone help?