Early 2008 mac pro hard drive upgrade

If getting the last ounce of performance out of an SSD upgrade is important, you can do it using one of two approaches. By connecting directly to your Mac's PCIe 2. PCIe-based SSD cards are available in multiple configurations; the two most common types use built-in SSD modules or allow you to install one or more standard 2. In either case, you end up with a fast 6G interface to the SSDs. If you need more drive space than the four drive bays provide, and adding either a PCIe card or an SSD card still doesn't give you enough space, there are other options for internal storage.

The Mac Pro has an additional drive bay that can hold two 5.

Mac Pro Storage Upgrade Guide

Most Mac Pros shipped with a single optical drive, leaving an entire 5. In fact, if you don't mind performing a bit of DIY, you can simply mount a 2. If you want a neater setup, or you wish to install a standard 3. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. What is good: You only need to worry about the power connectors.

The performance of 8 cores makes it still somewhat competitive with hardware from as late as SSD is a cheap way to make it feel like a new machine. Guides are available online on how to homebrew a Fusion drive as well. In comparison to reports from friends, appears to be more stable than the '09 and '10 models YMMV.

What is Bad: Uses the older 'front side bus' technology Intel chips; access to RAM is much slower than the '09 and later which use the Core i7-class bus. Single core performance is much slower than anything made in the last 5 years, even for the most part at the low end.

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Mac Pro Hard Drive Upgrade & Lion Installation

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Related 5. Then restore directly from your Time Machine backup.

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This will give you a completely fresh start, though your emails, app settings, and other files will need to be separately hunted down and brought over from your other hard drive. For users with plans to swap an optical drive for an SSD, keeping the SSD as a non-boot drive, nothing needs to be done to prep software beforehand. However, if you plan to make the SSD your boot drive, follow the instructions above so you can enjoy the speed benefits of running macOS directly from the SSD.

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One brief note on TRIM, a topic that was a bigger deal when I originally wrote SSD guides; read about it and third-party software in greater depth here. The guides omit only one step: Thankfully, earlier Mac minis are easier to open, requiring only a putty knife , Phillips 00 Screwdriver , and spudger. The same sort of 2. Aluminum-bodied inch MacBooks of or earlier vintage not current inch models and MacBook Pros sold in or earlier can be upgraded with 2.

Apple MacBook Pro (Early 2008 and Late 2008)

You just unscrew and remove the bottom cover of your MacBook, pull out the hard drive, replace it with the SSD, then reattach the bottom cover. The original inch Retina MacBook Pro requires quite a few additional steps; Apple significantly simplified the SSD replacement process for subsequent-generation inch machines, bringing them to parity with the inch model and MacBook Airs. How easy is installation?

Except for the older first- and second-generation MacBook Airs, the process is incredibly simple: After I published my first SSD swapping article, several commenters opined that they felt the upgrade was too difficult for regular people to handle on their own.